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A tumbler with money mindset affirmations on it is a useful tool for those seeking to improve their financial situation. Using the teachings of Abraham Hicks, this tumbler encourages positive thinking and the belief that abundance and prosperity are available to all. Some of the affirmations that might be included on this tumbler could be: "I am worthy of abundance and prosperity," "I am attracting financial abundance into my life," or "I am confident and capable of creating financial success."

There are several benefits to using a tumbler with money mindset affirmations. These benefits include:

Improved mindset: By repeating affirmations and focusing on positive thoughts, you can shift your mindset and start to believe that abundance and prosperity are within reach.

Increased motivation: Seeing affirmations throughout the day can provide a boost of motivation to take action towards financial goals.

Better decision-making: A positive mindset can lead to better decision-making, which can help you make sound financial choices.

Reduced stress: By focusing on abundance and prosperity, you can reduce stress and anxiety related to money.

Improved financial success: By consistently reinforcing positive affirmations, you may find that you are better able to attract financial success into your life.


This is a Digital JPG file for you to print
20oz skinny tumbler

This is a ready-to-print DIGITAL DOWNLOAD file that is used for 20 oz Tumblers
9.3inches x 8.2 inches
1 JPEG FILE (20 oz Tumbler)
All files are high resolution (300DPI)
*This is NOT a cut file*

**IMPORTANT** This is a digital file only!
No physical item will be shipped out to you after purchase. After purchase, you will receive your downloadable files through your provided email. Valid for 30 days. 

This file is for immediate download and You will NOT receive this product in the mail.

This design in whole may NOT be copyrighted or trademarked, used in a logo or any other digital item for resale or sold as a transfer. Once it has been purchased you can use for personal use ONLY. Also, they CAN NOT be resold as digital prints, shared with other people in digital format, or given to another person in digital format. They are not allowed to be uploaded to any 3rd party websites such as platforms where you upload the artwork to be printed. For example, Printful, Printify, or etc. If you have any questions please send me a message.


Please take into consideration :
There may be slight color variation between your screen and the final printed product.
Due to the nature of these files, there are NO REFUNDS!
PLEASE reach out if you have any trouble using these files.
You MAY NOT resell or share this design. For personal use.

Mental health tumbler cloud , Money mindset affirmations and manifestation

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