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Vibe Alchemy_ Transformative Blueprint journal
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"Vibe Alchemy:

Transformative Blueprint" journal

50 + interactive questions and exercises, including quizzes, thought processes, mindful creative ideas.

Your personal companion crafted to resonate with your unique essence - vibration!

11 QR- Link to Meditations and affirmation videos to assist you in raising your vibration. 

The best way to elevate your manifestation game, with scientific anchors and the laws to this human experience. 

Instant Digital download

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Explore the core principles, benefits, and science behind shifting your reality, to be, have, and do anything you desire.

Instant Digital download

Start right now!

Dive deep into the mysteries of the universe, unlock your unique energy, and harness the laws of existence to manifest your dreams. Packed with interactive exercises, insightful worksheets, and inspiring posters, this journal is your guide to unleashing your full potential and creating the life you desire.

Are you ready to unlock the magic within?

vibe alchemy mockup shadow work book journal

What Awaits You Inside:


Vibe Alchemy Shadow journal exercises
Vibe Alchemy Shadow journal exercises

Identify Your Energy:

Learn how to recognize and harness your unique energy signature to navigate life with clarity and purpose.

Learn the Laws of Vibrations & frequency:

Learn the laws of human existence and the universe, gaining insights that will illuminate your path and empower your journey.  Learn how the universe works, what are the steps to manifesting.

Elevate your mastery in manifestation & advance your spiritual healing journey by becoming aligned with abundance

🔬 Scientific Anchors: Ground your spiritual journey with scientific anchors rooted in quantum principles, providing a solid foundation for your exploration.

🔄 Interactive Exercises: Enhanced with easy links and QR scan codes for instant access to guided meditation practices and affirmation videos.

📝 Worksheets: Covering shadow work, abundance mindset, belief examinations, and so so much more, offering practical tools to support your growth and evolution.

☑️ Checklists and Manifestation Techniques: to set intentions, manifest your desires, and create the life you envision.

🎨 Inspirational Posters and Quizzes


Experience abundant growth, fueled by productive energy and crystal-clear intentions. Stay deeply connected to your intuition and unlock even more pathways to personal fulfillment and joy!

Clickable Content & QR codes. Easy Navigation

Available for instant digital download, you can print it at home or enjoy the convenience of printing in a local print shop 

Instant Digital download

Start right now!

Table of contents, clickable mockup of journal inside

What's an awakening journey?

A spiritual awakening journey is a unique & profound experience. It's as if you've set out on a quest to discover your authentic self.

Throughout this journey, you dive into the depths of your soul and uncover the purpose of your life. This involves releasing outdated habits, beliefs, and connections that hinder your progress.

If you're ready to step into your power, embrace your authenticity, and manifest your dreams with ease and grace, then the Vibe Alchemy Journal is calling your name.  Say yes to adventure and unlock the infinite possibilities that await you.

shadow work journal exercises by Vibe heart
shadow work journal exercises by Vibe heart
shadow work journal exercises by Vibe heart
shadow work journal exercises by Vibe heart
shadow work journal exercises by Vibe heart
shadow work journal exercises by Vibe heart

Are You Ready to Say Yes?

This journal provides structured guidance & prompts designed to reconnect you with your spiritual essence, rediscover your sense of purpose and inner peace.

Feeling Disconnected from Your Spiritual Path? 

learn practical techniques to cultivate mindfulness and stay centered amidst life's chaos, navigate challenges with clarity and resilience.

Overwhelmed by Daily Stressors and Distractions?

This journal provides structured guidance & prompts designed to reconnect you with your spiritual essence, rediscover your sense of purpose and inner peace.

Struggling to Manifest Your Desires?

Through exercises and journaling prompts, the journal guides you on self-discovery & self-trust, develop a deeper connection to your intuition with confidence.

Struggling to Trust Your Intuition?

Envision Your Future Self:

☑ Confident and Secure

☑ Focused on Growth with Clarity

☑ Understanding the Laws of Manifestation

☑ Embracing Abundance in All Areas

☑ Cultivating Deep Connections

☑ Embodying Authenticity and Alignment

☑ Celebrating Your Successes

☑ Radiating Love and Positivity

With the Vibe Alchemy journal as your guide, this could be you: A version of yourself that's empowered, aligned, and thriving in every aspect of life.


Instant Digital download

Start right now!

Limited SALE for launch month
👉 UP TO 70% OFF! 

Instant Digital download

Vibe Alchemy: Transformative Blueprint Journal Digital format

Your personal companion crafted to resonate with your unique essence - vibration!



Limited Sale 

You will receive the Digital product immediately after payment 

✓ Explore over 50 exercises crafted for deep introspection, including quizzes, thought processes, and mindful creative ideas.

✓ Elevate your vibration with access to 11 QR-linked meditations and affirmation videos, meticulously curated to amplify your manifestation practice.


✓ Learn the tools of manifestation with insights into scientific anchors and the laws of this human experience, guiding you towards a life of abundance and fulfillment.


✓ Immerse yourself in the top-end design of our journal, featuring beautiful, user-friendly content with clickable access.


✓ Enjoy the flexibility of the digital format, allowing you to carry your manifestation journey with you everywhere you go, whether at home or on the go..

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Hi there awesome soul!

I'm Shirly—a creator, explorer, and a spiritually awakened soul.  My journey has spanned the vibrant cultures of Brazil, South Africa, and Thailand, igniting a passion for learning and embracing diverse beliefs and outlooks on life.

Around ten years ago, a profound spiritual awakening unlocked my abilities in energy healing and channeling.

Now, I'm dedicated to tuning others into their higher frequencies and equipping them with tools for their awakening journey.

Professionally, I've made my mark as a global graphic and web designer, blending creativity with functionality for brands worldwide. (and yep I create all my assets, design and build including this website)

My passion extends to digital art and journal creation, quantum activation, driven by the belief in the transformative power of creativity.

My vision? Helping others unlock their potential and make a lasting impact on their journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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shirly marton vibe heart owner
shadow work journal exercises by Vibe heart

This Limited-Time Offer Includes an Incredible Array of Features to Elevate Your Spiritual Journey:

✅ 50+ Interactive Questions & Exercises to Engage Your Mind and Soul

✅ 11 Exclusive QR-Linked Meditations and Affirmation Videos to Boost Your Vibration

✅ Proven Strategies to Amplify Your Manifestation Abilities

✅ Insights into Scientific Anchors and Laws of the Human Experience

✅ Top-End Design for an Aesthetically Pleasing and User-Friendly Experience

✅ Easy-to-Access, Clickable Content for a Smooth Learning Journey

✅ Digital Version for Convenience and Accessibility Anywhere, Anytime

✅ Option to Print at Home or Get a Professionally Printed Copy at print shop.

Instant Digital download

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can I get a physical copy of the journal?

Yes, you can order a printed copy through our Etsy Print on Demand service. Additionally, for those who prefer to print at their convenience, purchasing the digital product gives you the option to print at a local shop or at home.

+ How do I access the digital version of the journal? Upon purchase, you will receive a link to your email, so make sure its the correct email, to download the digital version of the journal. Please check spam inbox as well. This file is a PDF that allows you to access it on any of your devices, anywhere, anytime.

+ Can I share the digital journal with others? While we encourage supporting and sharing the journey with loved ones, the digital journal is intended for personal use only. Please do not distribute or resell it in any form.

+ What if I'm new to spiritual practices? Is this journal suitable for me?

Yes, "Vibe Alchemy - Transformative Blueprint" is designed to be accessible and enriching for both beginners and those more advanced in their spiritual journey. It offers a wide range of interactive questions, exercises, and creative prompts to guide you at every step.

+ Is there a return policy for the digital journal? Due to the nature of digital products, all sales are final, and we cannot offer returns or refunds. However, we are committed to your satisfaction and welcome any questions or concerns you might have.

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